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How Many Days in School Counting Set | Boho

How Many Days in School Counting Set | Boho

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Stay organized and engaged with our innovative School Days Counting Set. Designed specifically for teachers and students, this set consists of a captivating title and ten frames that are perfect for displaying in the classroom.

With a total of 20 ten frames, each representing ten days, our set allows you to effortlessly track the number of days you've been in school. By simply filling in the ten frames as each day passes, you can visually observe your progress and celebrate milestones.

Not only does our School Days Counting Set serves as a practical tool for keeping track of your educational journey, but it also doubles as an excellent resource for introducing and reinforcing the concept of counting on a ten frame. Students can actively participate by placing counters on the frames, enhancing their mathematical skills while having fun.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Set: Includes a captivating title to display and 20 ten frames.
  2. Easy Tracking: Each ten frame represents ten days, allowing you to document up to 200 days in total.
  3. Visual Progress: Observe your daily progress as you fill in the ten frames, creating a visually appealing display in the classroom.
  4. Educational Tool: Reinforce counting skills and engage students with hands-on activities using the ten frames.

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