I’m Finished, Now What?

There’s nothing better than students who could run your class without you being there. I love when my class becomes so independent that they can tell a sub what to…

25 Good Things About Me

I’m so excited to share with you 25 good things about me. Now, I definitely feel I have more but these are my top. I’m originally from Des Moines, Iowa….

Hey, everyone! I'm Tiffany May but most know me as One Fab Teacher. I'm a first-grade teacher here in Houston, Texas. I've been teaching for 17 years. I have a passion for classroom management and building positive relationships with my students. I'm a firm believer in having empathy in the classroom. I look forward to sharing with you about my life in the classroom and outside of it too. I'm a firm believer in, don't forget to PRAY because God will make a way. Many ((HUGS)) Read More