• Great visual for my students who finish their work early. It has helped them move on to something else quietly without disrupting me or other students during independent work time. -Taylor

    • This slide deck is AMAZING!! It has helped me change my entire daily routine for the better. Now, instead of opening 5-6 tabs for videos I want to show, gonoodles, songs, etc each morning, I do all of my planning on these slides. Now, I just leave the slide show open on my computer (1 tab) and know that everything is there for me. I also turn these slides in now as my lesson plans, because each slide has my TPO/objectives and everything that is required by
      admin. They have truly made my life easier. Miss May (One Fab Teacher) has an amazing video on You Tube where she goes over how to use the slides. If you are on the fence, take a look. -Stacy

    • I used this for my first sub binder and my principal emailed me and told me that the sub loved my lesson plans and my detailed information. Thank you! -Mindy

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