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Daily Doses of Kindness Journals

Daily Doses of Kindness Journals

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Introducing "Daily Doses of Kindness" – Your Gateway to a Brighter Tomorrow!

Unlock the power of positivity with our enchanting Daily Doses of Kindness collection of 20 heartwarming journals – a child's daily companion on the journey to a kinder, more mindful person. Each journal is a treasure trove of inspiration, designed to infuse a child's day with compassion and creativity. You will receive two versions, portrait and landscape. 

Key Features:

  1. Four Daily Kindness Prompts Per Booklet: Immerse children in a world of benevolence with carefully curated daily kindness prompts. Whether it's spreading joy, lending a helping hand, or simply sharing a smile, each prompt serves as a gentle reminder for them to radiate kindness in every direction.

  2. Space to Draw Their Kindness Journey: Unleash their artistic side! Our journals provide a dedicated space for children to illustrate their daily acts of kindness. Express themselves through the strokes of their pencil, creating a visual testament to the positive impact they're making on the world around them.

  3. Compact and Portable: Children can take their daily dose of kindness wherever they go! These compact journals are designed to slip easily into their backpacks or pocket, ensuring that the uplifting power of kindness is always within arm's reach.

  4. Thoughtfully Crafted Design: With a charming and user-friendly layout, "Daily Doses of Kindness" journals are a joy to engage with. The thoughtful design encourages reflection, making daily kindness practice an effortlessly integrated part of daily routines.

  5. Set of 20 Journals: Why limit the joy? Our collection includes 20 beautifully crafted journals. Children can journal once a day or once a week.


Make every day a masterpiece with "Daily Doses of Kindness" – the journal that empowers children to create a world filled with compassion, one page at a time. Order your set now and embark on a journey of kindness that lasts inside your classroom for the school year and a lifetime!

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Customer Reviews

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Meagan Rosen
LOVE this!

My students and I have loved this. I am all about being inclusive and creating a kind classroom for all my Rockstars. My students this year are capable but have struggled with their writing, leaving out punctuation and capitals. This has been a fun way to hold them accountable.