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Kickin' It With Kindness

Kickin' It With Kindness

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Move toward a Kinder Classroom!

Ready to take your kindness game to the next level? Introducing Kickin' It with Kindness - the spin-tactic game that brings fun and learning to the classroom! Players spin the spinner and land on a color, then move to that spot. The goal is to reach the end, all while learning about kindness and the impact it can have on others. With fun illustrations and simple gameplay, this game is the perfect way to make kindness a fun and integral part of your lessons. Get ready to Kick It with Kindness today!



  • Teaches the importance of kindness and its impact on others
  • Brings fun and excitement to lessons on kindness
  • Simple gameplay makes it accessible for all kiddos
  • Encourages players to think about ways to show kindness in their daily lives

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