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Good Morning and Lesson Plan Google Slides Templates

Good Morning and Lesson Plan Google Slides Templates

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Start your Day with a Smile and a Plan! 

Teachers! ((Hugs)) This is lesson planning, elevated! Imagine your Good morning routine made easy and how that would streamline your classroom and simplify your life! These made-for-you, editable Google Good Morning and Lesson Plan Slide Templates were thoughtfully put together from years of experience and hours of fun lessons with students like yours! Whether you teach online or in-person, these are a real game-changer (I personally use them for both, the “hybrid” way).

Now, what does Effortless Lesson Planning with a Touch of Class Look like? These fully editable templates are designed to work with Google Slides, making it easy to access and update them from any device. The "Good Morning" slide template for example includes a place for the date, instructions, and a motivational quote. In contrast, the other slides range from engaging writing and reading activity templates to math and specials – all editable! You can even embed your preferred videos directly.

These templates are not only time-saving but also visually attractive and color-coded for students. But that’s not all, thanks to the seamless Google Slides integration, you can control everything from your smartphone using the remote feature. Now that’s how you bring enhanced organization and creativity to your classroom! Why wait?


What You Get:

You will receive 350 slides to use and choose from. You can even check out videos from my Youtube channel about these:




  • Save time by quickly accessing and editing templates on any device
  • Keep your daily routine and lesson planning organized
  • Create a visually attractive and engaging classroom environment
  • Access to various pre-designed templates
  • Make your morning routine run smoothly
  • Keep the class on track with well-planned lessons




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