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Behavior Think Sheets for Elementary Students

Behavior Think Sheets for Elementary Students

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Behavior Think Sheets for Elementary Students

These printable sheets are a great way to manage student behavior. I’m a firm believer in teaching students the appropriate behaviors that should be exhibited in our schools, classrooms, communities, and homes. It’s important that students reflect on their actions and their effect on others.

These classroom forms allow students to reflect and identify what they did wrong, how it made them feel, and what action would be the better choice. You can use these forms in the classroom, in-school suspension, or individual counseling sessions focusing on behavior and feelings.

You will receive 7 different forms that can be used for elementary school and even middle school. These sheets aren’t very wordy and to the point. I like to describe them as kid-friendly.



  • Encourages students to have a calm-down time
  • Encourages teachers to decompress before discussing
  • Encourages self-reflection and what went wrong
  • Parent/Teacher documentation
  • Used as a tool and not a punishment

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