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What do good readers do? Posters - 32 Colorful Visual Aids"

What do good readers do? Posters - 32 Colorful Visual Aids"

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Teach and reinforce good reading habits in your classroom with our "Good Readers" posters! With 32 posters in 4 color versions (bright, primary, white, and tan), these visual aids are perfect for mini-lessons or small group instruction. Each poster features a different good reading habit, such as taking care of books, reading with expression, asking questions, and using reading strategies. By promoting these habits, students will sharpen their reading skills, learn as they read, and reflect on the text.


  • Reinforces good reading habits
  • Encourages learning through reading
  • Sharpens reading skills
  • Helps students reflect on the text

Use these "Good Readers" posters to create a positive and effective reading environment in your classroom. With colorful and engaging visuals, your students will be motivated to become successful and confident readers.

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