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Pencil Drawer Labels for Easy Organization

Pencil Drawer Labels for Easy Organization

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Our pencil drawer labels are an essential tool for any organized classroom! These labels come in a pack of three and feature easy-to-read text for "sharp," "dull," "broken," and "erasers." The colors include white, black, and boho. Apply them to the front of your pencil drawer, and you can quickly and easily teach your students about this classroom management tool. 

The "sharp" label helps your students track pencils that are ready to use. It's a reminder that the sharpened pencils are ready right at their fingertips. The "broken" or "dull" labels help designate pencils that need repair, so avoid wasting time on unusable writing instruments. Finally, the "erasers" label makes it easy to locate erasers for quick corrections.

This classroom management tool is a great addition to any classroom. Keep your pencils organized and ready with our pencil drawer labels.

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