5 Essential Supplies Every Teacher Needs for a Smooth School Year


Teaching is a demanding profession that requires careful planning, organization, and creativity. To navigate the challenges of the classroom effectively, teachers need a toolkit of essential supplies that can make their lives easier and more efficient. In this blog post, we'll explore five must-have items that every teacher should consider adding to their arsenal: a paper cutter, personal laminator, clipboards, a good pencil sharpener, and hanging file folders with a crate for easy organization. Additionally, we'll delve into the benefits of using an HP Instant Ink subscription to ensure a continuous supply of high-quality prints throughout the school year.

1. Paper Cutter: Precision at Your Fingertips

A reliable paper cutter is a game-changer for any teacher. From trimming bulletin board displays to preparing handouts, a good paper cutter ensures precision and saves valuable time. Opt for a model with a sharp blade and a sturdy base for seamless cutting. Whether you need straight lines for class projects or perfectly-sized worksheets, a paper cutter is an indispensable tool that adds a professional touch to your classroom materials.





2. Personal Laminator: Protecting and Preserving Learning Materials

A personal laminator is a versatile tool that allows teachers to protect and preserve important learning materials. From flashcards to instructional guides, laminating documents not only enhances their durability but also provides a reusable surface for dry-erase markers. This is especially beneficial for creating reusable worksheets or interactive learning resources. Look for a compact and user-friendly laminator that fits seamlessly into your classroom routine. I've had this personal laminator for over a decade. I have another I use at home. But this particular personal laminator is my favorite.




3. Clipboards: Mobility and Accessibility in the Classroom

Clipboards are a simple yet essential tool that adds mobility and accessibility to your teaching approach. Whether you're conducting outdoor lessons, moving between desks, or working with small groups, clipboards provide a portable writing surface. Choose clipboards with sturdy clips and a hardback for durability. Having a set of clipboards on hand ensures that you can engage with your students in various settings without compromising on efficiency. These clipboards are a MUST every single year in my classroom.


4. Good Pencil Sharpener: Keeping the Write Momentum Going

A reliable pencil sharpener is a small investment that pays off in a big way. Nothing disrupts a lesson more than a dull pencil. A good pencil sharpener ensures that your students always have sharp, ready-to-use pencils for their assignments. Look for a sharpener that can handle different pencil sizes and has a durable blade mechanism. With a well-functioning pencil sharpener, you can keep the focus on learning without the distraction of constantly searching for a working sharpener. In my 19 years I have experienced many pencil sharpeners. This pencil sharpener for the classroom is a beast and the best.

5. Hanging File Folders and Crate: Streamlining Organization

Efficient organization is the backbone of a well-run classroom, and hanging file folders paired with a crate provide a systematic solution for managing paperwork. Categorize and store your lesson plans, graded assignments, and other important documents in hanging file folders. The accompanying crate not only keeps everything in one place but also allows for easy portability. This system not only streamlines your organization but also facilitates quick access to essential materials, saving you time and reducing stress.






Bonus: HP Printer and Instant Ink Subscription - Never Run Out of Ink Again

The HP Printer 6000 is a reliable addition to any teacher's toolkit. With its efficient printing capabilities, this printer ensures that your documents, handouts, and assignments are produced with crisp clarity. Its compact design makes it suitable for classrooms, and the easy-to-use features streamline your printing tasks. The HP Printer 6000 is a valuable asset for educators who prioritize high-quality prints to enhance the learning experience for their students.



While not a physical tool, an HP Instant Ink subscription is a must-have for any teacher who relies on printed materials for lessons, assignments, and communication. With Instant Ink, your compatible HP printer monitors ink levels and automatically orders new cartridges before you run out. This subscription-based service offers different plans based on your printing needs, ensuring that you always have a fresh supply of ink without the hassle of manually replacing cartridges. This is particularly advantageous during busy times, such as the final weeks of a school term when printing requirements tend to spike. HP instant ink has been a blessing for a decade.

Bringing it All Together: A Classroom Ready for Success

Imagine a classroom where materials are neatly organized, lessons are seamlessly executed, and teachers have the tools they need at their fingertips. By incorporating these five essential tools – a paper cutter, personal laminator, clipboards, a good pencil sharpener, and hanging file folders with a crate – into your teaching toolkit, you're setting the stage for a successful and well-organized school year.

Investing in quality tools not only enhances your efficiency but also positively impacts your students' learning experience. From the crisp edges of perfectly cut paper to the durability of laminated resources, these tools contribute to a classroom environment that is conducive to focused learning and creative exploration.

Equipping yourself with the right tools is an investment in both your professional well-being and the success of your students. As you prepare for the upcoming school year, or need some ideas mid year consider adding these essential items to your shopping list. Your future self, and your students, will thank you for the thought and care you put into creating a well-equipped and organized learning space. Here's to a year of smooth sailing and impactful teaching! ((Hugs))

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