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Super Improver Wall

Super Improver Wall

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Create a positive and supportive classroom environment with the Super Improver Wall! This fun and engaging behavior management tool is based on the concept of the "Super Improver" and was created by Chris Biffle, the whole brain teaching guru. With ten levels to complete, students are motivated to do their best every day and reach their goals. Included in this set are ten-level cards and mini-level cards for student names, making it easy to track progress and celebrate achievements.


  • Promotes kindness and positive behavior
  • Encourages respect and support among students
  • Builds confidence in your students

By implementing the Super Improver Wall in your classroom, you can create a culture of positivity, respect, and achievement. This is a great way to help students develop a growth mindset, build confidence in their abilities, and work together towards a common goal. Get ready to inspire your students and boost their confidence with the Super Improver Wall!

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