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Being Kind Is The Bomb Dot Com

Being Kind Is The Bomb Dot Com

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Spark Kindness!

Spread joy and kindness in the classroom with the "Being Kind is the Bomb Dot Com" resource packet! This packet is packed with fun and educational activities to reinforce the importance of kindness. From writing about "I have a kind mind because..." to the "Showing kindness is cool and being mean drools" activity, you'll find everything you need to make kindness a fun and integral part of the classroom! Fill students' buckets with positivity, spark their imagination, and help them understand the power of kindness with this must-have resource packet!


Some of the activities include:

  • I have a kind mind because...
  • My bucket was filled when... (lined and unlined)
  • My bucket was dipped when... (lined and unlined)
  • Showing kindness color sheet
  • Have you shown kindness today? Word search
  • How do you show kindness? (activity sort)
  • Showing kindness is cool and being mean drools activity
  • Bucket filler certificate
  • Kind mind slips



  • Reinforces the importance of kindness in the classroom
  • Includes a variety of fun and educational activities
  • Covers all aspects of promoting kindness
  • Makes kindness a fun and integral part of the classroom


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