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As a teacher, I LOVE letting my students know how much I care about them. You can learn a little more about me here. Empathy is my #1 priority in the classroom. Many often ask, “What’s the secret Miss May?” Honestly, there’s NO secret. Just put in the effort to show your blessings how much you care. This is why I came up with the, I Missed You certificate.

So, one way of showing them how much I genuinely care is by placing sweet certificates on their desks. Here’s an example.

I love to see their smiling faces when they come into our classroom and see this on their desks. It’s a great way to set the tone for your day and their day as well. Firstly, I always build a connection with my students. Secondly, I work on my classroom management as I’m building connections. Thirdly, academics and everything else will fall into place. Don’t be afraid to build those connections with your students. They need and want to know that we care. Click the picture above to get your copy. ((HUGS))

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Hey, everyone! I'm Tiffany May but most know me as One Fab Teacher. I'm a first-grade teacher here in Houston, Texas. I've been teaching for 17 years. I have a passion for classroom management and building positive relationships with my students. I'm a firm believer in having empathy in the classroom. I look forward to sharing with you about my life in the classroom and outside of it too. I'm a firm believer in, don't forget to PRAY because God will make a way. Many ((HUGS)) Read More