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First, I can’t stress enough how much this Google Slides template file has changed my teaching life. As a teacher, I appreciate amazing tips for organizing. The Google Slide lesson plan templates are what you need. You can have your whole week planned out in one file. Not only do these slides keep teachers organized, but they are also enjoyable to look at. What I enjoy the most is that I have everything that I need for the week on my slides. I don’t have stress about jumping from one website to the next. Everything I need is right there! I include all my brain break links on them, read aloud, etc. So here are some reasons why I LOVE these google slide templates;

  1. A whole week is in one file
  2. Access your file from any device
  3. Play videos from any slide you create
  4. Customize a start and end on videos
  5. Insert charts
  6. Insert pictures
  7. Saves you so much time
  8. Offline access for editing and presenting
  9. Easy to share (shareable link)
  10. Present in remote mode

Number 10 being present in remote mode is so fun. I love how I can use my phone to click through each slide. Next, I have even created a Youtube video about my slides. Feel free to check it out by clicking here. Finally, if you feel these might be for you, click the picture above to purchase them. Sending many ((HUGS)) your way!

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